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We are a leading organization in the worldwide environmental commodity markets. With offices in Europe and the United States we serve our clients by helping them reach their environmental targets by offering them the benefit of access to our knowledge and worldwide network.

All of our entities consist of talented and experienced Sales and Trading specialists in energy-related commodities. Our team of dedicated Trading Specialists facilitate our clients in reaching their environmental, regulatory and financial objectives in these opaque and volatile markets. We have built-up a portfolio of clients all across the globe by sharing our expertise and by focusing on strong long-term relationships.

We believe in challenging the myth that the energy commodity markets are uncertain and difficult to manage.

We believe in making difficult regulation clear and transparent for our clients and simplifying what is complex. ACT’s core principles in making our clients successful is clear communication and cooperation. We take in to consideration all variables to reach the optimal outcome/solution for our customers.

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ACT Commodities Inc.

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